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OPAL Management Consultancy Ltd
Individual and Institutional Solutions

Management Consultancy Services in Turkey, after gaining importance particularly in mid 80’s with the liberalization and outward diversification of the Turkish economy, have been performed by foreign consultancy companies which had been mainly experienced in auditing, accounting and recently in human resources. In years, Turkish local companies have started to take their place in this rising market. Personnel search and selection and eavaluation activities, in addition to organization of seminars and other training activities, were the initial interests of the local companies.

OPAL Management Consultancy Co., Ltd. was formed in 1995, with a mission defined as to provide analysis, to produce solutions and implement them to the companies in order to increase their global competitiveness with a mixture of management technology and corporate culture to be able to create added value.

OPAL serves its clients with a core team of five consultants and a wide expert network.

OPAL had started with providing business and management consultancy services mainly in three categories.

  1. Corporate Management
    Coaching in corporate vision formulation processes, strategic management and planning, corporate re-structuring, change management, management and structuring of family-owned businesses, corporate governance, corporate culture and business ethics.
  2. Corporate Infra-Structure and Systems including human resources
    Establishment and/or re-formation of management systems such as finance, human resources, sales & marketing, logistics, quality assurance, production planning etc., personnel search and selection activities for managerial positions, preparing and conducting seminars for management training programs.
  3. Business Development and Corporate Finance
    Sector Analysis, Company Credit Information Reports, Project and Feasibility Studies, Application Studies for Investment Incentive Certificates, Preparation of Company Introduction Booklets, Setting-up Franchising Systems, Joint Ventures, Organisation of Financial Resources, Public Offerings, Mergers & Acquisitions and Company Evaluation.

OPAL has included some new services into its service portfolio besides the ones mentioned above in the recent years, such as translation services and some unique engineering-oriented (i.e. noise and vibration control) consultancy services.

OPAL is a member of the “Association of Management Consultants”, a professional body established in 1991 for the development and promotion of the management consulting profession in Turkey.

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